Two podiatrists, two points of view, but two people related as father and son.  Daniel E. Stilwell, DPM is a board qualified podiatric surgeon who specializes in conservative and holistic care of foot and ankle problems.  J. Greg Stilwell, DPM is a retired podiatrist who, after 30 years practicing foot and ankle surgery,  and podiatric medicine– has dedicated himself to:  self healing of Charcot Marie Tooth and scoliosis.

We desire to bring you topics of self care and mutual interest in fitness as well as specific care recommendations for foot or ankle conditions.  We consult with many varied practitioners of the healing arts and the movement therapy/exercise disciplines-to help bring therapies which have a great chance of being effective for you.   Here, we will present a synopsis of the various activities and therapies, with wonderful comments and suggestions coming from our concerned readers like yourself.

From offering ways to raise your breathing and heart rate (even if you have been labeled as “disabled”), to summarizing world medical research on vitamins and supplements- our mission is to provide you practical and effective strategies for keeping yourself as healthy and happy as possible.

Please feel free to give suggestions of experts or other health sites with whom we should connect. It would be an honor to give a CMT support conference in your area, bringing in doctors and therapists interested in helping CMT patients.