While this hereditary condition is the single most common neurological condition EVER in the whole wide world, how many of your friends (or even your doctors!) have ever heard of Charcot Marie Tooth?  Want a puzzled look from a typical family doctor?  Tell them you have a hereditary neurological disease.  Hmmm.

A portion of our proceeds from these pages goes to support the Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation; www.hnf-cure.org. What a wonderful way to give back; if you are looking for charitable contribution venues prior to year end, please consider this 501C-3 organization!

CMT is really a lifestyle.  The sooner we embrace the gifts given to us by this unique DNA structure, the sooner we can laugh, and flourish under the guise of a “CMT patient.”

Speaking of laughter, consider Laugh Yoga.  This is a really silly, yet serious medicine kind of therapy.  Who says you can’t laugh and get better, too?